Xceltrax Donjoy Air Ankle Walker

An alternative to a cast that fits to above the ankle. Used to treat moderate to severe ankle sprains, post-operative use and stress or stable fractures of the ankle and foot.

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Designed for support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure. Lightweight, sturdy design with anatomically shaped uprights that help to facilitate a better fit. Integrated strapping to aid in full circumferential support and compression. Cushioned inner/outer soles help to absorb shock upon heel strike. The soft nylon/foam liner in the pneumatic version has an integrated pump design making the pneumatic liner simple to inflate and adjust.


Support and management of edema for acute ankle sprains, stable fractures of the foot and ankle, bunionectomies, metatarsal fracture, forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot injury

Sizes: XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge


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