How to buy the right wheelchair

A wheelchair can be an essential item to ensure independence and participation in social events for those with limited mobility. However, not all wheelchairs are alike – models vary in width and weight, and can be designed for everything from a standard utility to a vehicle for sport. Some models are highly portable – light in weight, collapsible and able to be easily dissembled. The needs of each individual must be taken into consideration when choosing a wheelchair.

Purchasing your first wheelchair can be overwhelming – there are so many options available. To find the chair that is right for you, some key questions to ask are:

  • What chair would best suit my ability, age, body type, and most importantly support my mobility needs? Do I need a power chair, for example? What activities can my chair help me get back to doing?
  • Where will the chair be used, and on what surfaces? Primarily inside the home, or visiting all over the community and in more rugged environments?
  • Does the chair need to be stored, or can it be out and ready for use at all times? Does it need to be portable?
  • How will I transfer into and out of my chair?
  • Is it comfortable? Chairs come in different widths and with different seating options including ergonomic seating designed to reduce the risk of pressure sores. Ensuring the chair is comfortable can prevent secondary issues such as shoulder strain and lower back problems associated with pelvic position.
  • Do you lead an active lifestyle? There are chairs available for specific sports, for example.

The end result of your wheelchair purchase should be positive, with you finding a chair that specifically suits your individual needs. Our highly trained staff enjoy sharing their expertise and working with you to achieve this result.

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