Menalind Skin Protector CREAM 200ML

The Menalind professional protection range has been developed specifically to protect skin under stress due to incontinence and bed confinement by forming an invisible protective barrier on the skin. The nourishing ingredients creatine and panthenol provode a moisturing and soothing effect on the skin.

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Menalind professional transparent skin protection cream, a water-in-oil emulsion with no zinc oxide, contains a combination of substances including creatine, bisabolol and hamamelis to support the natural protective function of the skin. After cleansing, for example, with Menalind moist wipes for bed baths, the skin should be treated with a special cream to protect against aggressive substances found in urine or feces. The outer water phase supplies the skin with moisture, while the nutritious oil phase protects it from loss of moisture and forms a transparent protective film. The inner water phase delivers the ingredients to the skin and ensures an optimum supply of moisture over an extended period of time.
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